Broken Psyche

I'm still trying to process the trophy ceremony, which left me in tears, though I had cheered for Nadal the entire match. I like what Laikhuran P, from India had to offer as a response to the article, Dealing with the hurt

"That moment when Roger's emotion burst ,I thought, well, it was not just a game. It was a lot more than it. He perhaps realized that he has reached a point in life where he needs to start thinking beyond tennis. Even if he continues for another three years, something on his face tells me there is something going on in his mind other than tennis . As for the game, I think Roger himself knows he is against this huge thick high wall which he may not be able to dismantle. Ever. I think he knows this was the best moment to achieve that 'pinnacle' which has still eluded him."


Sarah said...

I can say on a personal note I was devastated when Roger lost and when he burst into tears I folwed suit. Its just devastating to see him lose again and again to someone he should be beating IMO. I feel that at his best he is better than Rafa but he looks like he is mentally broken when he plays Rafa. I want him to go down as the greatest ever but right now its looking like Roger has to re-assess. I know its hossible to say but Im liking Rafa less and less because he is beating Roger.

cmm-IC said...

I have always rooted for Roger until Rafael Nadal came along .....I still do in every match except for those matches against Nadal. I was really unhappy that Nadal had to deal with Roger's crying in a moment when he should be feeling on top of the world. ... I could not believe my ears when Nadal apologized for winning! That's crazy! I understand that this is tough on the older guy, but no-one has been No. 1 forever, and it's looking like Roger's time has come to move on ..... that's not Rafa's fault. It is hard to hear people blaming Rafael Nadal for Roger's failures! I am definetely going to have a hard time supporting Roger from now on.

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