Dinara, 'Sorry Not Much to Say'

Dinara is always so candid with the media. Here's what she had to offer after the speedy final she played.

Q. Was it just simply a bad case of nerves tonight?

DINARA SAFINA: Well, I would say so. You know, it was first time for me to play not only for the Grand Slam, but it's also for No. 1 spot. And I never been through this situation, you know, and she was already.

So, I mean, she was much more times in this situation. I would say she was much more experienced than I was today stepping on the court.

Q. Can you compare the disappointment you feel now to what you felt in Paris?

DINARA SAFINA: It's both disappointing, you know. You cannot pick one. I feel the same, you know, disappointing. French Open and here. I would say today that I was not able maybe to show my game, you know. It's also very disappointing.

Q. How long do you think she can stay No. 1 if she performs like this tonight?

DINARA SAFINA: Well, with her, you know, she doesn't play that many tournaments. That's the problem by her. You know, if she plays every week, like most of the players does, then, of course, it will be tough.

But, I mean, she's a champion. She proved it. It just depends on her.

Q. Is she the best player you've ever played against? Would you rate her that high?

DINARA SAFINA: I don't know, and Justine. I don't know. For me, either because just like the way was Justine. I think for me, Justine was best. Not I don't have anything against Serena, but I love the way Justine was playing. I love the way she was on the court and all these things. Just maybe I like more Justine.


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