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I love the Australian Open. And one of the reasons I love it is due to the outrageous outfits the players get to wear. Some are hot, and some are not. With the winners finally crowned Down Under, here are my picks for the Best and Worst Dressed Players at the 2009 Australian Open.

Top 5 Best Dressed

#5 - Zheng Jie Simple, yet chic. Understated elegance. Nothing like a little Mercedes symbol to add a little class to your outfit as well. Great job, Zheng Jie!

#4 - Dinara Safina If you had asked me to predict who would be on my shortlist of worst dressed players before the start of the Aussie Open, I would have put Dinara Safina firmly on that list. Fortunately, I would've been wrong. Turns out, Dinara was as sick of her pink, "pepto bismol" outfit as we were. I love her new look. Let's just hope that hideous pink outfit remains shelved....permanently!

#3 - Elena Dementieva Elena was once the featured cover story for Canada's street-style magazine PEACE. She's a little bit of a fashionista, actually. She definitely delivered in the style department this year at the Australian Open. Her bright orange outfit really popped, especially against the deep blue of the courts. Can't wait to see her next outfit!

#2 - Roger Federer The Fed always shows up looking stylish and chic. If it hadn't been for Rafa's drastic transformation this year, I would have put him as #1. He was even wearing a matching belt. Whether on or off the court, the Swiss Maestro is a class act.

#1 - Rafael Nadal Like the rest of the world, I was completely shocked when I first saw Rafa's new look. No more sleeveless shirts or longer shorts. I guess being the World #1 comes with responsibilities other than stellar on-court performance. I liked his sense of color coordination too. Congrats on the new look Rafa, and on winning this year's trophy Down Under!

Top 5 Worst Dressed

#5 - Jelena Jankovic She looked like she was on maternity leave. And that color? How can you instill the fear of God into your opponent with a soft green pastel color. And to top things off, the outfit looked as if it had been washed one too many times. But since this is her first outing wearing a dress from her new sponsor ANTA, I'm willing to give her a little break.

#4 - Jelena Dokic We all love the comeback story of Jelena Dokic, but that doesn't mean we have to love her outfit. She looked like she had just stepped out of a time machine from the days of Martina Navratilova. She should save this outfit for her next 80s Night party. With all that hard earned cash, I hope she shows up next time with something a little more stylish (and current). I have faith in her.

#3 - James Blake Hello Grandpa Blake. The word out"fit" can sometimes refer to the size of the fit. Look at how much room he has in that shirt. It's like he's drowning in that rag. For someone that looks like a commercial print model, he has no excuse for showing up to the Australian Open wearing a shirt tailor-made for a man twice his size. C'mon!

#3 - Andy Murray If you're as pasty as Murray, you might want to steer clear of colors that make your skin look even more bleached. Australia is the prefect place to debut a new outfit, one with a splash of color. Perhaps a bold, primary color like red, which mirrors his fiery personality. And while he's at it, we suggest he get a tan! One more thing. Next time, please don't wear a shirt with dark patches under your armpits. Not a good idea.

#1 - Alisa Kleybanova Can you say "train wreck"? Kleybenova's outfit takes the highest honors for The Worst Dressed Player at the Australian Open. Congratulations Alisa! Those hideous colors, and that horrible hat. I couldn't believe my eyes the first time I saw her images flash on the TV screen. Especially when contrasting her against the super stylish Ana Ivanovic. Next time, she should phone her compatriot Dementieva for some much-needed fashion advice, or face the danger of being a repeat offender. Man, it's a good thing she's got some major game.


Sarah said...

A great selection although I dont totally agree with all of them. My favourite for the ladies has to go to Maria Kirilenko I though her dress was amazing, so feminine and delicate she looked like a doll in that dress and the clours looked great one her. For the men I cant go past Roger he as always was tailored, elegant and classic and that royal blue looked awesome. I wasnt a huge fan of Rafa but the outfit and colours most definatly suit his personality.

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