What racquet to buy?

Of course, buying a new racquet can be a little nerve racking, especially if you are new to tennis. It's even frustrating for experienced players. Even the pro's, from time-to-time, get stuck with a racquet that's absolutely wrong for their game.

The racquets of today are the best our sport has ever seen. They are specifically designed to help you attain your desired objective on the court.


The Grip
When trying a new racquet, make sure it feels good in your hand. Seems basic, but don't underestimate the affect of picking a grip too large or too small.

The Weight
Some racquets are either too head heavy or too head light. Don't judge the weight by the printed specs on the racquet. Judge the weight by how it feels when you swing it. Never buy a racquet that feels heavier than what you like. Preferably, go with a racquet that is head light. Eventually, you can easily add tape to the head of your racquet for a little more pop.

Head Size
The head size is determined by preference and skill. Advanced players normally opt for a medium or smaller sized frame, which can be better controlled. If you're a beginner and want more space on your racquet, go for a slightly larger frame. The larger frame will offer you a bigger sweet spot at the center of the racquet to help you hone your accuracy. I never recommend the largest frames; bigger is not always better. It's like driving an SUV - it's not always the easiest thing to maneuver.: )

The length of the racquet is best determined by your preference. The length of the racquet matters most if you want to gain a few inches of height or reach. A longer racquet can give you added height on your serve or a longer reach on your two-handed backhand.

The Racquet Features
Racquets are tweaked in various ways that make them feel differently. And there's no way to know how these racquets feel until you "test drive them" on the court. Here's some things to look out for before buying:

  • Control

  • Feel & Comfort

  • Power

  • Spin

  • Stability

  • Weight

  • Manueverablility

Recommending a racquet is never easy because it requires knowledge of your play style and level of play. Here's a few tips that can help the person recommending a racquet put you along the right path of discovering the perfect racquet for you.

Before buying a new racquet you should first analyze your style of play. Are you a a beginner, intermediate or an advanced player? There's differing racquets depending on your level of play.

Secondly, you should determine what you want to accentuate in your game style. Do you want to accentuate your ability to rally, serve, or volley or all? You want optimal performance, so demo the line of racquets that best goes with your style.

Knowing what type of game you play can make it easy for a tennis shop professional to recommend a line of racquets for you.


Here is a list of outstanding racquets with varying features:

Prince 03
Head Liquidmetal
Head Flexpoint Radical
Yonex RDS
Bablot Aeropro Drive


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