Why a tennis community?

We've been standing around the water cooler and have heard your concerns regarding tennis, especially in relation to finding local hitting partners and meeting new tennis friends. Being involved at the grassroots level of tennis has given us additional insight concerning the difficulties tennis players face daily. We, too, struggle with the same problems. At its most basic level, tennis requires two (or more) people, standing opposite one another, hitting a little green ball across a low net. When asked about the main deterrent to playing tennis, despite owning a racquet, the response seems universal: "I have no one to play with at my level!" According to the USTA, there are nearly 85 million tennis fans in the US, while only 5.2 million people play tennis regularly. That speaks to the importance of establishing an online platform where you can find local players at your level to schedule more matches and to play more tennis. Tennis FANS would be converted into tennis PLAYERS, no longer allowing their racquets to collect dust in the closet!

But finding a hitting partner isn't the only problem that needs to be addressed in the tennis community.

With one community platform, we can better unite local tennis organizations and make better use of these valuable resources. This will help to create a more knowledgeable tennis player while at the same time increasing access to more hitting opportunities.

The gift of tennis is one of sharing. The sharing of information, the sharing of time, the sharing of the court. There are numerous ways in which tennis players can share the game with one another. Whether that be through a gear review, or the sharing of information regarding injuries and therapies, creating a silo of community knowledge that can be easily shared with the masses is a much needed aspect of the tennis community.

Tennis players need tools to manage their tennis lives. Whether you need to manage a team, or your individual tennis activities, our tools will make it easy and fun to manage your tennis life.

Have Fun
Fun is at the core of the tennis game. And the fun doesn't just include your time on the court. It involves a variety of things: playing, reading and writing stories about your tennis experiences, commenting on pictures and videos, reading about your favorite tennis superstars, and much, much more.

So, why a tennis community? To give you more access to other tennis players, and to increase your level of fun in the wonderful sport of tennis.


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