Let the madness begin!

Aussie Open Fans
With the Australian Open just under a month away, the excitement is building for what is likely to become one of the most intriguing and memorable seasons to date!

To the devout tennis enthusiast, the Australian Open is a welcomed reprieve from their dampened winter holidays. The heat and drama of Melbourne can be felt worldwide! To increase the intensity of the drama, fans are ever-so-loud at predicting who will triumph and who will fail. For the players, it is the start of a new season, a clean slate, a chance to show off their new found fitness and to start the new year with a big bang. The defending Champions have much to prove, as a fleet of fiery and enthusiastic newcomers fight to climb the standings and win that elusive 1st grand slam. Will the Champions prove their mettle, or will an up-and-comer steal the show? Here are our predictions for this years championships down under.

Men’s Champion: Roger Federer Roger Federer

Women’s Champion: Venus Williams Venus Williams


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