Me & my BFF

Dear Ms. Allaster,

I want to thank you for trusting my marketing know-how, and hiring me as your new PR guru. I just know that we are going to get along famously.

I have checked my schedule, and I am indeed available for our once-a-month check-in meetings. We will discuss our marketing plan, and ensure that we are staying on point (but remaining flexible) in our ultimate goal of surpassing those silly boys over at the ATP.

To give you an example of my awesome marketing skills, let's get straight to the first topic of discussion:

What the f*** is up with that hair?

In order to consistently convey a message of hippness, you simply cannot (and I repeat), you cannot walk around with hair like that!

See, I'm amazing!

Look she can do it:

And so can you!

See you next month,
Your Marketing PR Guru


tennis mobster said...

ooops, the first time I published this i forgot to fit the pictures to size.

tennis mobster said...

And... I think Stacey Allaster, is a wonderful lady and I'm cheering for her as the new CEO of the WTA.
Go Stacey!

tennis mobster said...

I had a blast with this one!

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