Sex Pot!

Ok, when I think of "sexy", I don't think of a Brit with crooked, bad teeth. Nor do I think about someone with such horrible fashion sense. What do you think? He looks like he's filming a Bond movie.. running in the sand, with his hair blowing, and birds flying behind. I get it, they were going for the super-hero look. Well done then!

Here kitty kitty, look this way. Smile kitty kitty, it's your day!


Tennis Plaza said...

So obviously you think Andy looks good. DO you think he's going to win against Janko Tipsarevic in the French Open this week?

Miss your posts, looking forward to a recent one about the French Open

Tennis Plaza
P.S. Would love for you to list Tennisopolis in the right nav, great tennis social networking and random tennis opponent finder in any state in the US. Heck, we would like it if you linked to us in the right nav. Keep up the good posts!!

Jhon Smith said...

Nice pictures! Keep it up!
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