Sony Ericsson Pics, we can't be there, and we can't get nice coverage on TV

Whenever, Wherever ... he goes (I go)

Shakira is present for Nadal's match, last time she showed up in Abu Dhabi of all places. .. remember Love Connection

Venus dress is screaming Miami South Beach, lets go dancing tonight V.

Serena, making me thirsty for some OJ.

My little baby girl, Caroline is growing up, people! C'mon few more matches and you'll be Top10, you're that close, silly. And you'll prove me right.

Eww... Eva Peron would disapprove, trust me, Juan Martin, no, no, no va. I know you have a lot of Argentine pride in you, but dude, you're wearing the flag, save that outfit for Davis Cup.

Omg, you're still playing on the tour? Geez.. the WTA must really be auditioning retirees to fill out the draw. Let's see what Kimmie can do when she returns this summer. As for you, Patti Schynder, go home.

You're really top 10? Really? naw... for real? Ok I believe you, you're face says it all.


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