Seattle Tennis a Palm Springs Heaven

BNP Paribas came and went; just like that.

Hosting friends from out of town for a week plus March Madness and Indian Wells, left little time to update. I did get to see some of the men's and women's semis and finals on t.v. However, the BNP Paribas on the women's side was pretty uneventful. The WTA Tour lacked star power without Venus & Serena these last two weeks. With the upsets of JJ and Elena, there was little drama.

The men's tournament was phenomenal! Can't believe Federer lost 6-1 in the 3rd to Murray. I didn't watch that match, but caught the end score. Roddick played well, but Nadal continues to impress me all the time. I missed the Final but I can't imagine how he beat Andy Murray so easily. Glad I recorder it.

Nadal is so ahead in the rankings, Federer should start relishing his No.2 slot soon before he's bumped down. Can't wait to catch some good tennis on TV these next two weeks during the Sony Ericsson Open.

Anyway, I haven't hit in almost a week. Time to hit the courts tonight! I have a USTA Match this Friday.


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