¡La passion de ma vie!

Lately, I've been doing a lot of practice for the upcoming Spring season. In fact, I've been so focused on tennis, that I've been neglecting my other passion - photography. Both art forms require a reasonably dry day and good, clear vision. Unfortunately, in Seattle, a dry day in the middle of winter is an extremely rare thing. It just happens that late last week, Seattle was blessed with the ideal tennis/photography day. Not too cold, some cloud coverage, with a good amount of sunlight. Perfect naturally diffused light! I took my camera and rackets to the court, practiced some serves and inside-out forehands, and took some pictures during my usual sit-down breaks to zen out and meditate. It was one of those fulfilling days. You know the kind. Where you feel like you've satisfied several of your life's passions at the same time. I'm going to incorporate this new "artistic" pairing a lot more nowadays. Of course, I went home later, completely famished and hungry for some good chow down. The following picture is the calm (sink) before the storm! ~ Jocko


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