The Inner Game

It's February, I've signed up for USTA League Tennis for the first time and I'm really excited about getting into tip-top tennis shape. I play at the 4.0-4.5 level; self-taught. This past summer I had my first major tennis injury, which forced me to stop playing for a few months. In December I started working out and hitting again. And though the strokes are still there, something essential has been dearly missing from my game.

My self-belief.

I'm struggling to get into my groove. I'm losing matches I shouldn't. Fading in crucial moments and holding back when I'm ahead. All this is mental. The old tricks I played on myself in the past aren't working anymore.

After losing 4 straight matches on the team ladder, I had been feeling a little dejected. So I decided to turn to the source that first helped me leap bounds a few years ago.

I have started to re-read my favorite tennis book, The Inner Game of Tennis by
W. Timothy Gallwey (the classic). A few years back, I picked up this book and it really helped me to play the game with a stronger mind. This book is gold for any tennis player. If tennis had a religion, this is it! Body, mind, and soul can be nourished and harnessed with this tennis treasure.

My current record on the team ladder 3-4.. not so bad for only reaching the first chapter. The Inner Game is my fifth element. If you have not read it yet, do so and learn to play tennis with a vengeance.

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