Hello, Tatiana!

Well, it's been a while since we've seen or heard from Tatiana Golovin. Until now. Can I just say, "Wow!" I think Tat looks more exotic than Hantuchova or Kirilenko in this photo shoot. Hot, hot, hot!

From Sports Illustrated: Tatiana Golovin, 21, was born in Moscow, but moved to Paris as a child. A French citizen, Golovin turned pro when she was 15, and paired with countryman Richard Gasquet to win the mixed doubles title at Roland Garros in 2004. Golovin earned her first WTA singles title in April, 2007, defeating Venus Williams and Ana Ivanovic en route to winning the Bausch and Lomb Championships.

Interview with GDF Suez Open

GDF Suez Open: Tatiana, how are you?
Tatiana:I'm good. I'm really happy to be here at the Open GDF SUEZ and see the tournament again. It brings back some really good memories from when I played really well here. And it's true that I can't wait to come back.

GDF: How is your health doing right now?
Tatiana: Well, it always takes some time to heal correctly and get back into shape. But I'm keeping my fingers crossed and doing what it takes to come back as quickly as possible.

GDF: What exactly is bothering you?
Tatiana:I suffer from lower back inflammation, and it requires lots of therapy, treatment and rest. You have to be especially patient.

GDF: Aren't you getting impatient?
Tatiana:I'ts not too bad. I try to stay as busy as possible. I'm going to go back to my management classes. I try to get interested in a lot of other things.

GDF: When do you think you'll be completely healed?
Tatiana:Well, for now, I'm living day by day. I'm making my back my priority and it will take as long as it needs to heal. In any case, I'm staying positive.

GDF: Rumour has it that you might end your career...
Tatiana:Those are just rumours; it's too easy to say such a thing. I'm just taking my time to get better.

GDF: Tell us about your swimsuit photo shoot for Sports Illustrated?
Tatiana:It was really great. We spent a superb week in the Dominican Republic with a great staff. I really like the photos we took. It was an unforgettable experience. I liked it because it was totally different from what I'm used to as a tennis player. Everyone was really nice and it makes me want to repeat the experience.

GDF: Would you like to do it on a regular basis?
Tatiana:Not regularly, since it's not my line of work as a tennis player. But from time to time, it's a good experience.

GDF: Is it something you could imagine doing in the future?
Tatiana:I don't think so, because models have been posing since they're very little. It's a lot of work. For now, I'm not thinking about that.


I'm crossing my fingers for your return, Tat. Looking good!


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