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Monday, February 23, 2009

Hello again everyone! I'm excited to be blogging again, this time from Acapulco!

The trip here from Dubai... oh my gosh, it was long. I didn't realize it would be that long. It took 30 hours to get here, which was my longest trip ever! But I was mentally prepared for it. I was strategic: I only slept on the first flight, and after I landed in New York, I didn't sleep until I got here. It was a winning game plan. I got a full night's sleep last night and woke up happy.

I got to Acapulco around 10 last night, opened the windows and the sea was right there. I was SO happy! Then I went to the player party, it was a White Party. But I was wearing my black warm-up suit! With a green stripe... Anyway, the party was really nice. The chicken was great - I really love meat, I just had to try it.

This morning it got even better. I went down for breakfast and I just knew it was American breakfast, I could just smell it! I smelled the pancakes and syrup. I was way too happy about it. I even took a picture of myself at breakfast - it was just ridiculous. The strange thing is, I usually can't stand breakfast! I never eat it. But I was just so happy to smell the syrup. I think it was the feeling of smelling something from back home. It was a long way from Dubai and there were so many hardships along the way, I didn't think I'd ever make it here. But I kept a positive attitude on the trip. I took it one mile at a time.

I was very busy today. I practiced first thing in the morning and had my workout, then spent the afternoon in interviews and meetings. Now I have a little free time. I'm trying not to fall asleep - that would undermine my whole success so far! I'm about to go to the training room and then I'm planning on just relaxing. I'll be playing matches every day starting tomorrow, so I'm hoping I can get into a car and just have a look around Acapulco tonight. Then I'm going to settle in here and hopefully start winning matches!

So, nothing too interesting yet, just living the dream in Acapulco!


I have a great story about my visit to Acapulco last year. I'll give you some good reasons to not go to caca-pulco!


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