Don't Go to Cacapulco! III

Well, Venus makes it sound so dandy out in Acapulco. Truth is, I was there last summer! And it was not so dandy at all, in fact, it was the worst vacation I have ever had (equaling my visit to Myrtle Beach, So. Carolina in 2005).

From what I know, Acapulco was the hot-spot for Hollywood celebrities back in the 50's. The place was hot!! The resort I stayed at had hosted the likes of Michael Jackson, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, and so on. The Hollywood scene eventually moved on to other exciting Mexican resort towns like Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, and Cabo; where many Americans now vacation. I got an amazing deal, so I decided to go to the infamous resort town.

Looks pretty from afar!

So get this, I get there in the evening and immediately I want to know where to go for a drink. I was directed to hit the strip where 3 BIG outdoor dance bars are located. There were hundreds of people on the strip, none taller than 5'5" Feeling like the only (giant) American in town, was a strange feeling. The next day, I headed for the beach but an awful "poo poo" smell kept me from going in the water. I inquired about the smell and the locals informed me it was ALWAYS like that. They told me that the sewage was being drained into the beach. YUCK!

I was doubtful. So I headed 3 miles north and later 6 miles south to where the new resorts were located and found that the beaches we're not any better. The "poo" smell, according to a very clever resort guide, was due to "the cleansing process that the sea undergoes around that time of the year." Very clever, I thought, but it sounded like an urban legend to me. Needless to say, going to the beach was a dead topic for the rest of my trip. Instead, I spent my time playing tennis on clay against the local junior talents, until...

I came to know the real Acapulco!

I got food poisoning from one of the restaurants in town. I had to sit in my air-conditioned room watching t.v. for a few days.

The only fun part of my trip was eating coconut salad on the side of the road on a high cliff with a great view of the beach. That was fun!

I'm always a rascal while traveling and I can never stay confined to my hotel room. I always manage to go see the real face of the town/city I'm visiting.

The Pros:
Good Scenery
Beautiful Resorts (that you shouldn't venture outside of)
Cheap Tennis Courts

The Cons:
Dirty Beaches
Bad Food
Polluted & Congested City
Limited Entertainmen

Chances of making it back to Acapulco..? Hmm... not anytime soon.

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