The not-so-free

I'm not sure about you, but I was eagerly awaiting the debut of the FREE Picture this (and I quote from their website):

Live video streaming of more than 700 matches in 2009 - and more in 2010 - daily and match specific highlights, exclusive interviews and behind the scenes features from more than 40 tournaments around the world.

They were scheduled to launch the FREE streaming in time for the Australian Open. Now imagine my utter disappointment when I visited their website today, only to find out that it is in fact NOT FREE. An annual subscription to will cost a whopping $129.95.

Go figure! Tell us you're coming out with a revolutionary way of viewing tennis online for free. Then days before the streaming is suppose to begin, you conveniently DELETE the word FREE and replace it cleverly with $129. Nice one. Extremely disappointing. Bad on you, bad on you!


tennis mobster said...

Check this out - this site offers FREE live streaming of tennis matches. Great stuff!

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