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By winning her first round match, Jankovic increased her chances of remaining No. 1 at the conclusion of the Australian Open. Here is a look at the possible scenarios regarding the coveted No. 1 ranking. Our friends over at OntheBaseline did the calculation.

Number One Ranking Projections

Points defending at Melbourne: Jelena Jankovic (900, reached 2008 SF), Serena Williams (500, reached 2008 QF), Dinara Safina (4, fell 2008 1r) and Elena Dementieva (280, reached 2008 4r).

With the winner receiving 2000 ranking points, and the top four ranking positions being so close, here are some scenarios:

• If Jelena Jankovic wins, she will remain No.1 regardless.

• If Dinara Safina wins, she will become No.1, regardless.

• If Serena Williams wins, she will become No.1 IF… she does not play Jankovic in the finals.

• If Elena Dementieva wins, she will become No.1 IF … she does not play Jankovic in the finals.

Additionally, with Jankovic winning her first round match at the Australian Open, Safina would need to reach AT LEAST the semifinals, while S.Williams and Dementieva would need to reach the finals to have a chance to become the World No.1.

Go JJ!

We'll keep you updated about rankings as matches unfold.


Aaress @ OTB said...

Thanks for the link to On the Baseline. Actually, we didn't come up with the ranking projections---those are all done by the excellent mathematicians at the WTA Tour.

We'll probably be posting more projections as the tournament progresses---or one of the crucial players falls out of the running.

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