The Other Jelena!

(This is the last game of from the Dokic v Kleybanova match. Enjoy!)

What an incredible match! I became a fan instant fan of Jelena Dokic after seeing her play her 1st round match against the upcoming Tamira Paszek. Check out this picture of Jelena's concentration during the Kleybanova match last night. Amazing! Only the very best players display this kind of focus. Inspirational!

Watching her play, you can't help but love her. She has this uncanny way of sucking the viewer in, drawing them into her side of the court. And with all that she's been through over the years, it's as if the rest of the world is willing her on to win. We love a comeback story, don't we? During her match with Kleybanova, I saw glimpses of her former Top 10 form. Shots that you thought were over, weren't. Just when you thought she was out of that 3rd set, she'd come up with this amazing passing shot that simply took your breath away. Exhilarating match. One player would seize the upper hand, only to have it take away moments later. Talk about drama. This was a match worthy of a final.

There was this one moment of the 3rd set where Kleybanova made this incredible crosscourt shot. It was too good! ESPN pans to see the expression on Jelena's face. Instead of rolling her eyes or getting mad, she has this look on her face that reads, "Damn that was good!" All done with a big smile. I love it! She has it all. Personality, concentration, drive, determination, power, grace, timing. Wow! (Now, let me say, I'm re-watching that match as I compose this blog.)

Let's go, Jelena! I predict that she will regain her Top 10 ranking soon. You now have one new, undying fan. :)

Side note: Kleybanova should hold her head high after that match. I saw signs of a future champion watching her play. She showed a lot of courage and spirit. I look forward to seeing her tennis future unfold.


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